Publishing Services


When an author reaches the point of finishing a book, there is usually a feeling of pride and a sigh of relief. Then what?   Many authors feel lost as to what steps to take next.  SHUSIA PUBLISHING has the skills to get your book to market in a most efficient and cost-conscious manner.  We will help you to publish your book in hard copy or e-book format and assist you to position your book in a suitable marketplace for its genre.


Before formatting can begin, it is essential to bring the content of your book to its most readable state.  Your book deserves professional editing to ensure:

  • Your copy flows and is easily read and absorbed
  • There are no grammatical or spelling errors to interrupt the readers enjoyment
  • Ensures that your message is clear, the dialogue makes sense, and logic is maintained throughout
  • And most important, that the reader’s interest is held


Even when a book has been heavily edited, a final proofread is essential. Little mistakes stand out for a reader and change their experience, so you want the text to be as perfect as possible. SHUSIA ensures that it is.  Proofreading is not intended to rewrite content but instead to correct grammar, word usage and spacing.


SHUSIA PUBLISHING provides three different formatting skills to bring your book to market.  While there are overlaps, each is a unique project that needs professional attention. 

  • Formatting E-BOOKS for both Smashwords and Amazon provides you with access to 100% of the online e-book market. The giant Amazon handles about half of all sales, distributing their e-books in Kindle format. Smashwords has its own store online that sells both epub and kindle format. They also distribute their catalog to every other ebook retailer around the world, along with the databases used by libraries. Each of these sellers has very specific formatting requirements for uploads.
  • Formatting for PRINT requires extra effort. Of first consideration is the dimensions of your desired book, since the printing template must match the book size. Once a book is formatted for print, it can be submitted to Amazon for print-on-demand, submitted to a preferred book printer, or Shusia Publishing can have the book printed at an excellent cost by a local Canadian printer and shipped directly to you.


The most important element in selling your book from the shelf or on an e-book site is the cover. When a potential reader is searching a book store or scrolling through numerous covers online for their next read, what motivates them to choose your book to read the overview? Your cover!  It’s a known fact that your cover has a split-second to make an impression before the viewer moves on.

Good cover design includes choosing picture and fonts that express the feel and genre of the book. Color schemes should attract and layout must be easy to see even when the graphic is small onscreen. Shusia Publishing has access to vast quantities of potential cover art and will work with you to create something that gives your book a selling advantage over other books. 


Shusia Publishing is a registered Canadian publisher.  We are a new publisher on the block but already our reputation for doing an excellent job at a reasonable cost is gathering clients. We can issue your book’s  ISBN number and represent you online on various selling sites. 


Shusia Publishing specializes in helping private authors get their memoirs into book format. More information at Publish Your Memoirs