Publish Your Memoirs

While some authors publish with the intention of selling books, the main intention of other authors is to manifest a hard-copy edition of life memories. As one of my authors said, “Don’t you wish your grandmother had written down stories about family history? That’s what I am doing for my grandchildren.”

Shusia Publishing can help you create a beautiful high-quality trade paperback which can include stories and black & white photographs. From editing and formatting through to professional cover design, we can help get your book into your hands. Do you have piles of writing completed and want to take the next step? Please contact us to discuss.

This is the wrap-around cover for a trade paperback. The book is 200 pages and contains about 42,000 words and 60 photographs.

Internal design can include text, black & white photographs and text boxes to create an attractive visual effect.

This is the cover of a book created using Cerlox binding. The book is 140 pages and includes about 60 black & white photographs. This high-quality format is perfect for smaller print runs.

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