Intuitive Animal Communication

Intuitive Animal Communication is much more than just a “how-to” instruction manual. June takes you on her personal life journey into the world of healing and intuitive animal communication. After her heart dog received a devastating diagnosis of dilated cardiomyopathy, June started her search for alternative therapies to help support him. This search led her to a teacher who would change her life forever with the words, “You would make a good animal communicator.” June had absolutely no idea what that meant or what it would entail but those words resonated within her whole body and soul, and she needed to know more.

She will not only share her real-life struggles along the way but also the elation of her successes. You will benefit from the lessons she learned and gain deeper insights as well as a broader understanding of the many facets of connecting with domestic and wild animals. Her candid approach helps you understand that intuitive animal communication is possible for everyone who has an interest.

Utilizing all her knowledge and experience in intuitive animal communications and healing, June compiled simple yet effective methods for connecting with animals. Helping you open up to a whole new world, not only with animals but the world around you. June is hopeful this book will inspire and guide you to your own personal power.

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