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Will Beaudoin was born February 24, 1954 in Niagara Falls Ontario, Canada. He is an eleventh generation Canadian. His ancestor Jean Beaudoin was born in Tasdon, France in 1607. He arrived in Canada around 1640. Will’s Great-grandmother, Alexina Marleau and his Great-great-grandmother, Flavie Fournier were both full blood Algonquin from the Ottawa valley area.

His Father was born in Quyon, Quebec which still has the last remaining ferry across the Ottawa River. His Mother’s maiden name was Buck and she was born and raised in Bath, Ontario, Canada, about 35 kilometers west of Kingston on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Her ancestors came from the United Empire-Loyalist who fled the United States after the revolution and others from the bayous of Louisiana. His Mother would tell him tales about her ancestors, who, while fleeing from both the Americans and the Indigenous Peoples across Lake Ontario in the winter, made it by the skin of their teeth, with the ice breaking up behind them! Quite a mix!
This gives Will a unique outlook on the Canadian story. Having both British and French backgrounds along with the Algonquin connection, make him an unbiased source when writing. He is strongly connected to all his ancestral cultures.

Brought up in the tumultuous time of the sixties and seventies, his skeptical and adventurous nature, took him on many daring journeys. He was in the Canadian Military in the early seventies. When he was discharged he worked the nickel mines in Thompson, Manitoba. He married a California beauty queen at twenty-two and lived in the Los Angeles basin for three years developing an understanding of Americans and how they think and work.
It was at this time in California that Will went through a life changing event. He was hit by a truck which created a lot of trauma in his physical body. Not being able to pursue his martial arts and physical activities anymore he was drawn to writing.

Will had always written poetry and lyrics but never a novel. It took years of starts and stops to finally come to a time in 1990, after the untimely death of his first wife, that he started Stealer of Souls. He finished it in 1993. It was also at this time that his interest in Spirituality was increased. He learned to meditate more effectively and was soon doing readings and teaching Meditation and Spirituality.

Will ran his own business in the Holistic Health Field for twenty-four years before retiring. He is now a full time Author and Mystic. His intent is to write exciting fiction novels based on a bit of truth that will not only entertain his readers, but also, hopefully, help them to become a better person.
Peace and joy to all!

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