Shusia Publishing is owned and operated by Glenn Stewart Coles. Head office is near Midland, Ontario, Canada. With email and zoom we can work with authors anywhere. Our main printer ships from Toronto, Canada. If your location is not in Southern Ontario, it may be feasible to source a local printer for us to provide files formatted for book requirements.

We are available to take on a variety of publishing projects. Whether your book is fiction or non-fiction, we can guide you through the process of publication, from completing your text through to holding your book in your hands (or reading it on your tablet). Every project is unique so we will need to talk about your current status and hopes.

Note that some of our customers use Shusia Publishing as their publisher, resulting in our providing an ISBN number and listings at our Smashwords and Amazon pages. Other authors only contract us for some of the services required for book preparation.

If you would like to talk further, please send an email with some details. I would appreciate if you put ‘Shusia’ in the subject line to help us find your email.

In order to reduce spamming, here is a picture of my email address, you will need to type this into your mail to contact us.