Helping Canadian authors

publish books.

Have you written a book and want to take the next steps of publication? Would you like to self-publish but you are not sure what to do? We specialize in helping talented authors get their books into print.

Shusia Publishing is a Canadian publisher specializing in books that uplift, enlighten and empower the readers. We can issue our own ISBN numbers. While our prime focus is e-books, we also have the ability to format and deliver books for hard-copy printing. We can even do softcover and hardcover versions if you want something special.

In addition to our publishing portfolio, we also provide services to authors, from editing and formatting to cover design and world-wide distribution. If you would like to discuss the path to publication, please contact us, or learn more here about:

Shu is an Egyptian God of peace, lions, air and wind. His name signifies both ‘emptiness’ and ‘he who rises up’. He represents the Moon and the light between the sky and earth.

Sia is also an Egyptian God representing Knowledge and Reason. She represents the Sun and the Primordial Life Force.

Together Shu and Sia represent the balance of sun and moon, adding light to our life force and filling emptiness with thoughts and perception.