Soulwork 101

Soulwork 101: A Spiritual Guide to Personal Transformation is an extended collection of short articles and Transformation Exercises that uplift and encourage the readers to accelerate their own journey. This Tenth Anniversary Edition contains the complete original book with additional chapters at the beginning and end.
The intention of this book is to introduce concepts, awaken curiosity and stimulate personal growth. Since publication in 2009 many of the ideas in this book are now more commonly accepted. Many people are also awakening to their unique abilities and requirements. We have the ability to change the world around us by beginning to change ourselves. If everyone on this planet read and studied Soulwork 101, humanity would take a great leap forward.
This is not to say that this book has all the answers. It does not. Instead, this book empowers the readers to seek and find the answers for themselves.
• It encourages the discovery of higher consciousness;
• It triggers the development of compassion;
• It guides the reader to look within and nourish the soul.
If every person learned to look within while moving towards compassion and higher consciousness, the world would be a better place.

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